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SEC Filings
TERRAFORM POWER, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 10/17/2017
Entire Document

Project Holdco” means a wholly-owned Domestic Subsidiary of Borrower that is a Guarantor and 100% of the Equity Interests of which have been pledged to the Collateral Agent under the Pledge and Security Agreement.

Project Obligations” means, as to Holdings or any of its Subsidiaries, any Contractual Obligation of such Person under power purchase agreements; agreements for the purchase and sale of energy and renewable energy credits, climate change levy exemption certificates, embedded benefits and other environmental attributes; decommissioning agreements; Tax indemnities; operation and maintenance agreements; leases; development contracts; construction contracts; management services contracts; share retention agreements; warranties; bylaws, operating agreements, joint development agreements and other organizational documents; and other similar ordinary course contracts entered into in connection with owning, operating, developing or constructing Clean Energy Systems.

Public Lenders” means Lenders that do not wish to receive Non-Public Information with respect to Holdings, its Subsidiaries or their respective Securities.

PUHCA” as defined in Section 4.26(a).

PUHCA Exemption” as defined in Section 4.26(c).

PUHCA Regulations” as defined in Section 4.26(a).

PURPA” as defined in Section 4.26(a).

PURPA Regulations” as defined in Section 4.26(a).

QF” as defined in Section 4.26(a).

QF Status” as defined in Section 4.26(a).

Qualified ECP Guarantor” means, in respect of any Swap Obligation, each Credit Party that has total assets exceeding $10,000,000 at the time the relevant Guaranty or grant of the relevant security interest becomes effective with respect to such Swap Obligation or such other Person as constitutes an “eligible contract participant” under the Commodity Exchange Act or any regulations promulgated thereunder and can cause another Person to qualify as an “eligible contract participant” at such time by entering into a keepwell under Section 1a(18)(A)(v)(II) of the Commodity Exchange Act.

RBCCM” means RBC Capital Markets (which is a brand name for the capital markets businesses of Royal Bank of Canada and its Affiliates).

Real Estate Asset” means, at any time of determination, any interest (fee, leasehold or otherwise) then owned by any Credit Party in any real property.

REC Hedge” means any purchase, sale, swap, hedge, or similar arrangement relating to renewable energy credits.

Record Document” means, with respect to any Leasehold Property, (i) the lease evidencing such Leasehold Property or a memorandum thereof, executed and acknowledged by the owner of the affected real property, as lessor, or (ii) if such Leasehold Property was acquired or subleased from the holder of a Recorded Leasehold Interest, the applicable assignment or sublease document, executed and acknowledged by such holder, in each case in form sufficient to give such constructive notice upon recordation and otherwise in form reasonably satisfactory to Collateral Agent.