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SEC Filings
TERRAFORM POWER, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 10/17/2017
Entire Document

(viii)        amend, modify or otherwise affect the rights or duties hereunder or under any other Credit Document of (A) Administrative Agent, unless in writing executed by Administrative Agent and (B) any Issuing Bank, unless in writing executed by such Issuing Bank.

(d)           Execution of Amendments, Etc.  Administrative Agent may, but shall have no obligation to, with the concurrence of any Lender, execute amendments, modifications, waivers or consents on behalf of such Lender.  Any waiver or consent shall be effective only in the specific instance and for the specific purpose for which it was given.  No notice to or demand on any Credit Party in any case shall entitle any Credit Party to any other or further notice or demand in similar or other circumstances.  Any amendment, modification, termination, waiver or consent effected in accordance with this Section 10.5 shall be binding upon each Lender and Issuing Bank at the time outstanding, each future Lender and Issuing Bank and, if signed by a Credit Party, such Credit Party.

SECTION 10.6.      Successors and Assigns; Participations.

(a)           Generally.  This Agreement shall be binding upon the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and the successors and assigns of Lenders.  No Credit Party’s rights or obligations hereunder or any interest therein may be assigned or delegated by any Credit Party without the prior written consent of all Lenders.  Nothing in this Agreement, expressed or implied, shall be construed to confer upon any Person (other than the parties hereto, their respective successors and assigns permitted hereby and, to the extent expressly contemplated hereby, Affiliates of each of the Agents and Lenders and other Indemnitees) any legal or equitable right, remedy or claim under or by reason of this Agreement.

(b)           Register.  Borrower, Administrative Agent and Lenders shall deem and treat the Persons listed as Lenders in the Register as the holders and owners of the corresponding Commitments and Loans listed therein for all purposes hereof, and no assignment or transfer of any such Commitment or Loan shall be effective, in each case, unless and until recorded in the Register following receipt of a fully executed Assignment Agreement effecting the assignment or transfer thereof, together with the required forms and certificates regarding Tax matters and any fees payable in connection with such assignment, in each case, as provided in Section 10.6(d).  Each assignment shall be recorded in the Register promptly following receipt by Administrative Agent of the fully executed Assignment Agreement and all other necessary documents and approvals, prompt notice thereof shall be provided to Borrower and a copy of such Assignment Agreement shall be maintained, as applicable.  The date of such recordation of a transfer shall be referred to herein as the “Assignment Effective Date.” Any request, authority or consent of any Person who, at the time of making such request or giving such authority or consent, is listed in the Register as a Lender shall be conclusive and binding on any subsequent holder, assignee or transferee of the corresponding Commitments or Loans.

(c)           Right to Assign.  Each Lender shall have the right at any time to sell, assign or transfer all or a portion of its rights and obligations under this Agreement, including all or a portion of its Commitment or Loans owing to it or other Obligations (provided, however, that pro rata assignments shall not be required and each assignment shall be of a uniform, and not varying, percentage of all rights and obligations under and in respect of any applicable Loan and any related Commitments):

(i)            to any Person meeting the criteria of clause (i) of the definition of the term “Eligible Assignee” with the consent of each Issuing Bank and, unless an Event of Default is then continuing, Borrower (such consent not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed) and upon the giving of notice to Administrative Agent; and