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SEC Filings
TERRAFORM POWER, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 07/21/2017
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repairs, interconnection problems or other developments, environmental incidents, or electric transmission constraints and the possibility that we may not have adequate insurance to cover losses as a result of such hazards;
restrictions contained in our debt agreements (including our project level financing, the indentures governing our Senior Notes and our Revolver);
our ability to expand into new business segments or new geographies;
seasonal variations in the amount of electricity our wind and solar plants produce, and fluctuations in wind and solar resource conditions; and
our ability to operate our businesses efficiently, manage capital expenditures and costs tightly, manage litigation, manage risks related to international operations and generate earnings and cash flow from our asset-based businesses in relation to our debt and other obligations.

As a result of all these factors, we cannot guarantee that we will have sufficient cash generated from operations to pay a specific level of cash dividends to holders of our Class A common stock. Furthermore, holders of our Class A common stock should be aware that the amount of cash available for distribution depends primarily on our cash flow, and is not solely a function of profitability, which is affected by non-cash items. We may incur other expenses or liabilities during a period that could significantly reduce or eliminate our cash available for distribution and, in turn, impair our ability to pay dividends to holders of our Class A common stock during the period. We are a holding company and our ability to pay dividends on our Class A common stock is limited by restrictions on the ability of our subsidiaries to pay dividends or make other distributions to us, including restrictions under the terms of the agreements governing project-level financing. Our project-level financing agreements prohibit distributions to us unless certain specific conditions are met, including the satisfaction of financial ratios. Our Revolver also restricts our ability to declare and pay dividends if an event of default has occurred and is continuing or if the payment of the dividend would result in an event of default.

To the extent we issue additional equity securities in connection with any acquisitions or growth capital expenditures, the payment of dividends on these additional equity securities may increase the risk that we will be unable to maintain or increase our per share dividend. There are no limitations in our amended and restated certificate of incorporation (other than a specified number of authorized shares) on our ability to issue equity securities, including securities ranking senior to our common stock. The incurrence of bank borrowings or other debt by Terra Operating, LLC or by our project-level subsidiaries to finance our growth strategy will result in increased interest expense and the imposition of additional or more restrictive covenants which, in turn, may impact the cash distributions we distribute to holders of our Class A common stock.

Terra LLC’s cash available for distribution will likely fluctuate from quarter to quarter, in some cases significantly, due to seasonality or wind and solar resource conditions. As a result, we may cause Terra LLC to reduce the amount of cash it distributes to its members in a particular quarter to establish reserves to fund distributions to its members in future periods for which the cash distributions we would normally receive from Terra LLC would otherwise be insufficient to fund our quarterly dividend. If we fail to cause Terra LLC to establish sufficient reserves, we may not be able to maintain our quarterly dividend with respect to a quarter adversely affected by seasonality.

Finally, dividends to holders of our Class A common stock will be paid at the discretion of our Board. Our Board may decrease the level of or entirely discontinue payment of dividends.

We are a holding company and our only material asset is our interest in Terra LLC, and we are accordingly dependent upon distributions from Terra LLC and its subsidiaries to pay dividends and taxes and other expenses.

TerraForm Power is a holding company and has no material assets other than its ownership of membership interests in Terra LLC, a holding company that will have no material assets other than its interest in Terra Operating LLC, whose sole material assets are the renewable energy facilities that comprise our portfolio and the renewable energy facilities that we subsequently acquire. TerraForm Power, Terra LLC and Terra Operating LLC have no independent means of generating revenue. We intend to cause Terra Operating LLC’s subsidiaries to make distributions to Terra Operating LLC and, in turn, make distributions to Terra LLC, and, Terra LLC, in turn, to make distributions to TerraForm Power in an amount sufficient to cover all applicable taxes payable and dividends, if any, declared by us. To the extent that we need funds to pay a quarterly cash dividend to holders of our Class A common stock or otherwise, and Terra Operating LLC or Terra LLC is restricted from making such distributions under applicable law or regulation or is otherwise unable to provide such funds (including as a result of Terra Operating LLC’s operating subsidiaries being unable to make distributions, such as due to defaults in project-level financing agreements), it could materially adversely affect our liquidity and financial condition and limit our ability to pay dividends to holders of our Class A common stock.

Market interest rates may have an effect on the value of our Class A common stock.