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SEC Filings
TERRAFORM POWER, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 07/21/2017
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Nature of Operations

TerraForm Power, Inc. ("TerraForm Power") and its subsidiaries (together with TerraForm Power, the "Company") is a controlled affiliate of SunEdison, Inc. (together, with its consolidated subsidiaries excluding the Company and TerraForm Global, Inc. and its subsidiaries, "SunEdison"). TerraForm Power is a holding company and its sole asset is an equity interest in TerraForm Power, LLC ("Terra LLC" or "the Predecessor"), an owner and operator of renewable energy facilities that have long-term contractual arrangements to sell the electricity generated by these facilities to third parties. The related green energy certificates, ancillary services and other environmental attributes generated by these facilities are also sold to third parties. TerraForm Power is the managing member of Terra LLC and operates, controls and consolidates the business affairs of Terra LLC.

The SunEdison Bankruptcy and the Brookfield Sponsorship Transaction

On April 21, 2016, SunEdison Inc. and certain of its domestic and international subsidiaries (the "SunEdison Debtors") voluntarily filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code (the "SunEdison Bankruptcy"). The Company is not a part of the SunEdison Bankruptcy and has no plans to file for bankruptcy itself. The Company does not rely on SunEdison for funding or liquidity and believes that the Company will have sufficient liquidity to support its ongoing operations, absent the potential negative impact of default conditions that could arise from failure to meet financial statement deadlines as described below. The Company believes its equity interests in its renewable energy facilities that are legally owned by the Company’s subsidiaries are not available to satisfy the claims of the creditors of the SunEdison Bankruptcy.

In anticipation of and in response to SunEdison’s financial and operating difficulties, which culminated in the SunEdison Bankruptcy, at the direction of its Board of Directors (the "Board"), the Company has undertaken, and continues to undertake, a number of strategic initiatives to mitigate the adverse impacts of the SunEdison Bankruptcy on the Company. These initiatives focused on governance, operations and business performance initiatives deemed especially critical because SunEdison provided all personnel and services to the Company (other than those operational services provided by third parties). These initiatives include, among other things, developing continuity plans, establishing stand-alone information technology, accounting and other systems and infrastructure, directly hiring employees and retaining backup or replacement operation and maintenance ("O&M") and asset management services for the Company's wind and solar facilities from other providers.

As part of this overall strategic review process, the Company also initiated a process for the exploration and evaluation of potential strategic alternatives for the Company, including potential transactions to secure a new sponsor or sell the Company. This process resulted in the Company's entry into a definitive merger and sponsorship transaction agreement (the “Merger Agreement”) with certain affiliates of Brookfield Asset Management, Inc. (“Brookfield”) on March 6, 2017. Subject to the satisfaction of conditions precedent described below, these affiliates would hold approximately 51% of the Class A shares of TerraForm Power following the consummation of the merger of an affiliate of Brookfield with and into the Company (the "Merger"). In addition, the Merger Agreement provides that at or prior to the closing of the Merger, the Company will enter into a series of sponsorship documents with Brookfield and its affiliates as are more fully described in Note 20. Related Parties and Note 11. Long-term Debt.

Concurrently with the Company's entry into the Merger Agreement, the Company and SunEdison also entered into a settlement agreement (the “Settlement Agreement”). Under the Settlement Agreement, in connection with the closing of the Merger, SunEdison will exchange its Class B units of Terra LLC for 48,202,310 Class A shares of TerraForm Power, plus an incremental amount of Class A shares such that immediately prior to the consummation of the Merger, SunEdison will hold an aggregate number of Class A shares equal to 36.9% of the Company’s fully diluted share count. As a result of and following completion of the exchange, all of the issued and outstanding shares of Class B common stock of the Company will be redeemed and retired. In addition, also as part of the settlement, SunEdison agreed to deliver the outstanding incentive distribution rights of Terra LLC (the “IDRs”) held by SunEdison or certain of its affiliates to TerraForm Power or its designee and in connection therewith, concurrently with the execution and delivery of the Merger Agreement, TerraForm Power, Terra LLC, BRE Delaware, Inc. (the “Brookfield IDR Holder”) and SunEdison and certain of its affiliates have entered into an Incentive Distribution Rights Transfer Agreement (the “IDR Transfer Agreement”), pursuant to which certain SunEdison affiliates will transfer all of the IDRs to Brookfield IDR Holder at the effective time of the Merger. SunEdison also executed and delivered a voting and support agreement (the "Voting and Support Agreement"), pursuant to which it has agreed to vote or cause to be voted any shares of common stock of TerraForm Power held by it or any of its controlled affiliates in favor of the