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SEC Filings
TERRAFORM POWER, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 07/21/2017
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employed by TerraForm Global. On August 30, 2016, the Company entered into a letter agreement with Ms. Cranna with respect to similar severance and compensation terms (the “August 30 Letter Agreement” and together with the August 25 Letter Agreement, the “August Letter Agreements”). TerraForm Global was also a party to the August 30 Letter Agreement with respect to its agreement to (a) share the financial obligations of the Company if Ms. Cranna later became employed by the Company but performed duties for both the Company and TerraForm Global and (b) have the August 30 Letter Agreement assigned to TerraForm Global if Ms. Cranna had later become employed solely by TerraForm Global, Inc. The Company and TerraForm Global later decided to split equally the costs of Ms. Cranna's compensation and benefits (other than any equity compensation, the cost of which is being born by the relevant entity that grants such equity compensation).

On December 12, 2016 and December 20, 2016, each of Ms. Cranna and Mr. Deschler entered into further letter agreements with TerraForm Power, that clarified the conditions for bonuses for 2016, and pursuant to which they accepted offers of at-will employment by the Company, effective as of December 18, 2016 (each, an "Employment Letter Agreement," and jointly with the August Letter Agreements, the "Letter Agreements"). The Letter Agreements provide as follows, in each case subject to additional terms and conditions contained in the Letter Agreements and, in the case of Ms. Cranna, the agreement regarding cost splitting between the Company and TerraForm Global described above if Ms. Cranna performs duties for both the Company and TerraForm Global and a commitment by TerraForm Global to have the letter agreement assigned to it if Ms. Cranna is employed solely by TerraForm Global.

The Company agreed to pay a base salary of $401,145 annualized for Ms. Cranna and $290,686 annualized for Mr. Deschler. In addition, the Company will reimburse Mr. Deschler for his two daughters’ school fees in an amount up to $20,000 per year for each daughter, and will gross-up any such reimbursement amount for taxes withheld on such reimbursements.

If the applicable officer is terminated without cause, resigns for good reason or dies, the officer is eligible to receive a lump-sum cash severance of one year of base salary and a payment equal to 12 months of COBRA health premiums, conditioned upon the executive officer executing a release of claims agreement in favor of the Company and meeting her or his obligations under any restrictive covenant agreements benefitting the Company. “Good reason” under the Letter Agreements includes a material adverse change in the executive officer’s reporting relationship, authority, duties or responsibilities; any material reduction in base salary or any materially adverse change in the percentage of base salary used to determine annual bonus opportunities; or a relocation to an office more than 50 miles from the executive officer’s office immediately prior to such relocation (unless such new location is closer to the executive officer’s residence at the time of such relocation).

The officer is eligible to participate in an annual variable incentive plan (the “Bonus Plan”) of the Company. The target under the Bonus Plan for Mr. Deschler is 50% of his base salary, with a maximum of 100%. The target under the Bonus Plan for Ms. Cranna is 60% of her base salary, with a maximum of 120%.

For the 2016 bonus, given the special challenges facing the Company, such officers were also eligible for an additional discretionary bonus, with a target of 12.5% and a maximum of 25% of base salary, depending on performance.

An estimate of the value of the payments described above that would be payable to the Company’s named executive officers under their severance letter agreements in connection with a qualifying termination of employment as of December 31, 2016, is provided under “Potential Payment Upon Termination or Change in Control” below.

The Company entered into the letter agreements described above to encourage Ms. Cranna and Mr. Deschler to remain employed by SunEdison or, if applicable, the Company or TerraForm Global despite the uncertainty caused by the SunEdison Bankruptcy.

Non-Equity Incentive Plan Compensation

The payment of a discretionary bonus allows the Company to incentivize and reward our senior management for achieving certain corporate performance targets and allowed the Company to retain key personnel following the SunEdison Bankruptcy.

As described above, pursuant to the terms of the Letter Agreements, Ms. Cranna and Mr. Deschler were eligible to participate in a newly formed Bonus Plan of the Company as of January 1, 2016. To arrive at the 2016 annual bonus payout amounts for Ms. Cranna and Mr. Deschler, a target annual incentive of 60% of 2016 base salary for Ms. Cranna and 50% of 2016 base salary for Mr. Deschler was multiplied by an individual payout factor. Each individual payout factor was based on a